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How many of you have already been invited to a Christmas night out? Maybe with friends, work or both. Will you be spending the run up dreading it, panicking about what to wear? Have you ever got ready for a night out only to turn it down last minute as you don't have the confidence to go out? The feeling of regret and frustration when you are in the changing room and realise you're going to have to go up a size again. I have something for you, A method that works well. The 1st time I ran this program, I had people lose between 8-16lbs in just 30 days. This time is going to be even better, more resources, more accountability, a bigger push towards your specific goals. This is for absolutely anyone, no gym membership required. I will only be helping if you are ready to change. How great would you feel if you were down a dress or shirt size for Christmas?

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